26 12 / 2012

Bronze medalist at the World Artur Gachinski told about the problems with his legs and rolled short program at the Cup of Russia (74.58 points).

"I strongly numb legs and appear very uncomfortable. It started last year, but then it was not so pronounced. Doctors say flat - CLOTHING insole. Influence rather than that, and a strange lack of preparation before each rental. The disease, the common cold, then something else.

Need to understand yourself, and then go to the gym. Confidence seems to come, I’m all figured out, but on the ice until it fails to reflect “- quoted Gachinsky” All Sport”. (google translation)

So I’m like really worried about this, I really don’t like that he feels his legs are numb. I’m so worried about him seriously. Btw I hate that he gets all of this and colds and he is such a young boy but his immune system is so not good :( and i’m like fuckkkk why he has to have all this problems and other skaters of his age or in 20’s no :…( My poor bb!!

(Source: sports.ru)