28 10 / 2012


Btw to my russian girls what are both saying in the kiss and cry?? Aww Papa Mishin is so nice and care for him, 10 years ago you would have seen Mishin with angry and dissapointed face (sometimes i think Mishin could be more strict like he was with Plu, yags and Urmanov)

Edit: this is translation about what they where talking in the K&C, thanks to Auswie :D (http://auswie.tumblr.com/)

G - …I could’t understand it at all.

M - You fell from your axels, and also was late for one second.

C - “Fell from your axels”…

M -.. the axel was perfect, then heel…

P - Yes, those two triple axels influenced his further performance.

M - …you coped with it. Imagine how much you scored… mamma mia, with two quads!

G - Yes.

C - You can hear Alexei Mishin’s commentary youself. With two quads he contrived to do it this way further. 

G - Mom, Dad, Granny, Nikolai Danilovich, Andrei Rubinovich, Tatiana Nikolaevna, hello everybody, Katyusha.

M - “Hello everybody” is very important, and axels, axels, a pity, two quads and no axels.

G - I don’t know, it felt perfectly comfortable for me, I landed, and then oops.C - Of corse this is a pity, after doing two quads…G - But I did toe-loops.

M - Did toe-loops, you’re moving forward a little…C -With a litlle bit of humor Alexei Nikolaevich comments now - “Did toe-loops, you’re moving a little forward already…” It can be interesting…G - Second one with a triple.M - Yes… finally you began to do combos… you’ll learn how to do more, little by little.G - I just got tired after the step sequense, I should remove that sit spin, ‘cause I did that sit spin and felt giddy, so I was confused by the second step sequense…M - *laughing* You’ll tell me later…G - I felt giddy, after the sit spin…M - We’ll make it another way, we’ll think about it a bit later.G - Yes.*seeng the score*G - Well yeees…

M - Three jumps are missing.